welcome to fancypants mommy co. 

I am so excited that you stumbled across my blog and I hope you enjoy reading and following along with me on my home decorating and lifestyle adventures.

I can’t pinpoint the exact (crazy) moment I started fussing over every little detail of my life, home, and decor…but from sun up to sun down everywhere I look, I am redoing things in my mind!   And if my poor husband hears me talk about another project I want to start in the house or another new idea I have to redo something….he might just throw me out the window (no I don’t mean that literally….he is an AMAZINGLY supportive man but still a man and can only stand to hear about paint colors and tile choices so many times!) So, here I am sharing with you!

I am a wife and a mommy (to one cutie pie little monster man & one fur kid) and just a regular ‘ol gal that works hard everyday to live a beautiful life.  And I may have a mild EXTREME case of OCD when it comes to making things as perfectly imperfect and filled with love as they can be.  Whether it’s our home, food or decor…I love taking simple everyday things and turning them into something special.

FancyPants Mommy Co. is all about the details, BIG and small….the little touches you put on everyday things to make them special and above and beyond the ordinary.  I hope I encourage you to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary….fancy the details!!

Jaclyn Kalemba 

Owner & FancyPants Extraordinaire