Hello Fall!!

Copper is everywhere this season and I L-O-V-E it!!!  My fall decor collection was pretty small and I wanted to step up my fall game BUT didn’t want to spend a ton of money!!   I got “crafty” and found an inexpensive way to add a big pop of copper!  I want to share my secret trick so you can add gorgeous copper tones to your fall decor too.  Are you ready for my best DIY fall decor money trick?!?!  Wait for it…wait for it….SPRAY PAINT!!!

This is my favorite new tricks that I will absolutely be using again come Christmas 🙂

On one of my many trips to the Dollar Store, I found these cute small pumpkins.  I wasn’t loving the color, but I knew they had potential.   So, I grabbed about 20 of them (for $20 bucks of course) and decided to try my luck at spraying them.

I purchased two different shades of copper spray.  I used both and intermixed the two tones throughout the house and love how they compliment each other.

Here are my two favorites copper colors:

This is my favorite of the two!  And it sprayed on SO easily!

Loved the color of this!  However, spraying with this style can was a bit more difficult.

From this picture…I’m sure you can already guess it worked and I was ecstatic.

To spray the pumpkins, I laid out old cardboard and sprayed the pumpkins on one side, then flipped them and did the other.  I’m certainly not a spray paint expert BUT one tip (which my hubs taught me), move quickly from left to right and right to left with short bursts of paint.

So in short….don’t keep your finger on the nozzle and spray in one continuous stream.  If you do, you will end up with dripping spray paint and paint all over your nozzle finger.  Use quick pulses on the nozzle and keep moving the can around the pumpkin (or whatever item you may be spraying).  It’s pretty quick and simple!

The paint dries fairly quickly and I was able to spray all 20 pumpkins within 24 hours and add them right to my decor!

One side note – I tried to spray some of the pumpkins white and for whatever (a chemical reason I assume) it did NOT work at all!    But both copper spray paints worked AMAZINGLY well!   Here are a few more pictures of the copper pumpkins in my decor.

After my success with the pumpkins, I decided to try spraying mason jars.  I purchased lots of gorgeous fall floral and wasn’t sure what to do or where to put it all.  I started using mason jars to create arrangements but wasn’t loving the look of the messy floral stems in the jar.

Using the same technique I used for the pumpkins, I transformed almost the entire jar in a matter of minutes.  I L.O.V.E.D the result and sprayed 5 more – HA!   I sprayed one side of the jar and then flipped it over and sprayed the other.  (FYI – no need to spray inside)

After waiting 24 hours, the jars were ready to use!  So for just a couple bucks and a little spray, I was able to create some fun fall copper vases!

And just when I thought I was finished spraying…I got a little crazy and even sprayed this old milk jug (that used to be gold).  It’s much prettier in copper!

This has been my #1 favorite fall decor money saving trick of the season!  I hope this helps you add a little bit of inexpensive copper fun to your decor!

Happy Spray Painting Fancy Friends!


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