Can you believe Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!?!  What are you doing to celebrate this year?  Did you make plans yet?  Are you going out?  Or staying in?  Since hubs and I became parents, we’ve spent every Valentine’s Day at home and we LOVE it!  The cost of a babysitter, and then dinner (which always seems to be more expensive because of the “special” menus most restaurants offer that day)…we ducked out of that craziness many moons ago!  So instead…we stay home and have a quiet romantic night alone!  I’m gonna share some tips and tricks so you can save yourself a serious amount of money and have a perfectly romantic Valentine’s date at home.

First things first….let’s set the stage.  Every year we do something a little different to celebrate.  Some years we cook together and set a fancy table and other years we do take-in and relax in the hot tub.  This year, we decided on a quiet, cozy (in slippers COMFY) Valentine’s date without distraction (which we will chat more about below).  And we want a simple meal so neither of us are doing dishes!  It’s been a CRAZY 2018 so far and all we want is a night to just sit and talk (novel idea right?!?!).

So, I thought an indoor picnic (in our newly renovated bedroom) would be fun!  Here are a few ideas to set up an indoor picnic in your home!

  1. Find a cozy blanket (I grabbed this one from our bed), and drape it from a chair or couch down to the floor.  Draping the fabric just makes the setting a little more romantic don’t you think?!?
  2. Candles!  Find every single candle you have in the house.  I recommend using unscented candles and adding maybe one scented candle.  You don’t want to give yourself a headache lighting 20 different scented candles in the same room!  If you need a few more candles to add to your collection, below are some inexpensive options for unscented small candles and candlesticks.
  3. Throw a few of your favorite pillows on the floor to add a little cushion for your tush!
  4. Last step…flowers!  I added several different types of inexpensive flowers to fill the center of my faux fireplace.  Instead of buying red roses (which are SUPER expensive especially around Valentine’s Day), I used red carnations which were 1/4 of the price!  And then I grabbed fresh eucalyptus and hydrangeas.  I spent less on all of these flowers pictured than I would have on just one bunch of roses!

OK!  There ya go…a romantic spot to have a picnic in your home!

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Now, onto the really important stuff…

Food & Wine…

Because hubs nor I feel like slaving away in the kitchen this year, we decided on a cheese board and dessert!  And we can eat right off the serving plates and have virtually no dishes to clean up!!  BONUS!!!

Cheese boards are one of my favorite things to whip up and you can do this hours in advance so you’re not rushing at the last-minute!

Here are a few suggestions to create a simple cheese board for two:

  1. Select 3 or 4 different types of cheese.   My favorites are brie, goat, gouda and some kind of funky cheddar.  Trader Joe’s is my favorite inexpensive go-to for all things cheese!
  2. Add at least one type of meat like salami, prosciutto or pepperoni.
  3. Add crackers and/or bread.
  4. Add fresh fruit like grapes or berries and sometimes I will add dried fruits too!
  5. Nuts!  Don’t forget the nuts!  I love any type of candied walnut or pecan on my cheese boards for a little something sweet.
  6. And last but not least…add a fig jelly, pepper jelly or honey to complement some of the cheese you select.

I gather all of the different items, chop them up and throw them (nicely) onto one large cheese board (or you can use a large plate or platter).  Now you only have ONE dish to clean up!

Dessert…I always vote for something chocolate (and hubs never disagrees!)  You can whip up something simple like brownies or better yet..grab a dessert all done from  your favorite bakery and take the work out of it entirely!

Let’s chat wine (or champagne or prosecco!)  Since you are staying home, you can probably spend just a pinch more on the drinks!  You don’t have the added cost of buying glasses or a bottle at the restaurant, so treat yourself and get your favorite bottle of something yummy!

Now don’t get me wrong…you all know I LOVE to cook and fuss in the kitchen.  You likely all saw my holiday menus and meals BUT it takes a lot of time to prepare and shop and coordinate.  We’ve been SO busy lately…I just want to focus on spending time with my guy and not worry about cooking a perfect dinner.  Some quality time is all I want to Valentine’s!

Which brings me to my next tip…

Setting the mood…

Keep the tv off (unless it’s on a music station) and put your cellphone somewhere you can’t easily grab  it.  Do your best to remove all the distractions so you can chat and just be together!

Say what??!?!  No phone….no tv?!?!  Yup that’s right…turn it off and put it away!  What are we suppose to do you ask??  Well, here are a few ideas!

Play games…board games, cards, dominos…heck you can play sharades…the whole point is to chat, connect and be together!

Or take a walk down memory lane…grab the good ol’ wedding album or photo book!  We always get a good laugh out of this and it’s fun to look back and reminisce!   (Just don’t grab the phone and look at photos…way too tempting!)

This might sound kinda silly, but just trust me!!  When we force ourselves to disconnect and do something different (besides parking it in front of the tv…)  we have the BEST time!!  Remeber…you wouldn’t be watching tv or looking at your phone if you were at a restaurant (at least I hope not – HA!)

The BIG point I’m trying to make in all of this fabric draping and candle craziness…have a romantic night in your home…remove all the outside noise and distractions…forget about the bills and the to-do lists and projects…and just BE with your spouse and enjoy each other!  Talk and actually SEE each other and connect!   Take the night to just be in your home and enjoy it!  (Something I don’t do often enough!)

Funny little side note…the hanging dried flowers on the fireplace were the first roses hubs ever gave me on our 1st Valentine’s Day in 2002!  And the dried pink flowers on top of the wood crate…that’s the bouquet from my wedding!

Hope this gives you a little insight into my Valentine’s Day plans and also a few ideas to have a fun and romantic home Valentine’s date night of your own!!

Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day home date night fancy friends!


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