Is anyone else counting the days till Sunday?!?! I CANNOT wait!  This Sunday, me and my momma (who’s visiting from outta town) will be camping outside of my local Target waiting for the doors to OPEN!!!!  Anyone else feel like Christmas is coming early because the new Target line “Hearth & Hand” with Magnolia is being released on 11/5??  I’ve been pre-shopping the collection for WEEKS and have my eye on a few (ok a TON of) items and can’t wait to see them in person!

Just incase you have ZERO clue what I’m talking about, let me backup. The amazing HGTV Fixer Uppers stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines, are launching a new collection with Target.  You will find affordable home decor, tableware, holiday items and personal articles as well…insert HAPPY dance!!  Affordable GORGEOUS decor curated by JoJo…what could be better?!?!?

Countless hours of researching the new line have probably made me an expert (someone send help!), so I thought it only fair to share my tippy top favorites with you.  Truth be told, I of course want to buy EVERY.SINGLE.THING but for the sake of my wallet (and my marriage!) I will refrain and I’m attempting to set a budget…laughable I know!

So without further ado….I have put together a collection of my absolute MUST HAVE items from the collection that will be launching online and in-stores this coming Sunday.  So get ready to channel your inner JoJo and start clicking below.


Incredible right?!?!  And that is just a small sampling.

Be sure to follow my Instagram stories on Sunday for live updates of my morning Target fun and what I find in stores!

Happy Shopping Fabulous Fancy Friends!